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Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media Business

Publish October 23th, 2015 by

Social Media is about people. People like to get in contact with other people to get information, discuss issues and collect opinions about products and brands….. and that’s the reason why companies use Social Media Networks to develop their business.



The main problem about companies that don´t use social media is that their customers can´t communicate with them through social networks and they can´t inform them about the company´s news, products or new launches, and ,overall ,the most important thing is that the company doesn´t know what people say about them and if these opinions are good or bad because 78% of people trust to internet users´ opinions before buying a product, so for a company it´s necessary to manage their online reputation

On the other hand, companies that use Social Media in their marketing plan obtain a lot of benefits from them. For example, they can know if people like their products or not, if people prefer one product or another. Social Media can definitely be used as a marketing research tool and market study for companies.

However one of the most important things about that, is about the people who manage the company´s networks like Facebook or Twitter, usually called Community Manager or Social Media Manager. And it´s necessary that this person has a lot of knowledge about Social Media, tools, and what tactics can be used to help the company to achieve their objectives.


Do you think all companies have to use Social Networks? I don´t think so. I think we first have to study and evaluate if there is an advantage to using Social Media and that we have the resources for it


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